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Ancestral Home of
Dan Winter
Nestling in the heart of Armagh is the
Birthplace of Orangeism
Accepted as the meeting place following the battle of the Diamond, where the decision to form the Orange Order was made.
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Find out about the ancestral home, its restoration and significance to Northern Irish and Protestant history.


This early 18th century listed vernacular farmhouse was re-thatched and restored in 2000 with a large proportion of the original fabric having been conserved.
The cottage has been maintained by the Winter family down the years, and on display are relics from the Battle of the Diamond and old farming and dairy artefacts. The original timber, used to build the cottage, has just been dated to reveal this is probably one of the last houses to use Irish Oak as a building timber.

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The Cottage

The Winter ancestral home in the farmyard was made famous by the Orangemen as their birthplace.

History & Heritage

Find out more about the Battle of the Diamond in 1795 and the forming of the Orange Order.

Tours & Visits

There are daily tours and visits to the farmhouse – get directions and visiting times. We’d love to see you!


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